Best Mexican Food in Ontario

Best Mexican Food in Ontario

The city of Ontario offers a number of different cuisines throughout the city. Whether you are craving Italian or Chinese there is something for you. If you happen to be craving Mexican food or are wondering where to get Mexican food Ontario has a large variety. Ontario has a number of different eateries offering up authentic Mexican food. If you are in the mood for authentic Mexican food, here are some places to try.

For authentic Mexican food, there’s no better place to go than a family owned restaurant. For over 25 years, El Pescador has been a family operated restaurant offering some of the best food around. Enjoy favorites such as the fresh ceviche, fajitas, enchiladas and more such as the Mar y tiera which comes with carne asada and bacon wrapped shrimp served with rice and beans. In addition, happy hour is offered Monday and Tuesday from 2pm – 9pm and Wednesday through Friday from 2pm – 7pm. Don’t miss out on the delicious drink specials! El Pascador is located at 636 N. Euclid Ave in Downtown Ontario.

At Mariscos Las Brisas enjoy authentic tacos, especially on Taco Tuesday where you can enjoy $1 Tacos such as asada, carnitas, pollo adobado and adobada. If you are craving fish, try the ceviche tostada. Other options include delicious sopes, enchiladas, taquitos and more! Mariscos Las Brisas is located at 2951 S Vineyard Ave and is open Monday through Sunday from 8:30am – 9pm. If you are looking for no fuss Mexican food that is cheap and offers fast service, than Mariscos Las Brisas is just the place for you.

At Taqueria Tamazula Lindo, enjoy low price and high quality food. Whether you are looking to enjoy tortas, tacos, or burritos, Taqueria Tamazula Lindo is for you. You can enjoy your tortas, burritos, and tacos with al pastor, buche, lengua, birria, carnitas and asada pollo. You can order a quesadillas with those same fillings as well. Taqueria Tamazula Lindo is located at 719 S Euclid Ave in Ontario.

Mexican Food in Ontario
If you are looking for great Mexican food in Ontario head on over to El Pescador, Mariscos Las Brisas or Taqueria Tamazula Lindo for incredible eats.
Ontario, CA
Date posted: March 17, 2017