Bobby Lee at the Ontario Improv

Ontario Improv is a perfect place to stop by if you are looking for a night of laughs and fun. With big name comedians as well up and coming performers, Ontario Improv will always have a good show in store for you. Here are some upcoming shows you can catch at Ontario Improv.

Bobby Lee might be most notable for his longstanding role on Mad TV from 2001 to 2009. A native to Southern California, Bobby Lee was born in San Diego. Eventually, he found himself working at a comedy bar in San Diego and decided to try stand up during one of their amateur nights. Within just one year, he was already opening for Carlos Mencia and Pauly Shore. Bobby Lee will be performing at Ontario Improv from April 7th through April 9th.

Dean Delray is an old school comedian known for his raw and off the cuff conversations that are both hilarious and insightful. Heralding from the Bay Area and a life filled with heavy metal and Harleys, Dean grew up with the scene that birthed bands like Exodus and Metallica. While starting out in the world of the music industry, he ended up onstage doing stand up comedy instead. You can catch Dean Delray perform from Thursday, April 13th through Saturday, April 15th at Ontario Improv.

Robert Zapata was born in Los Angeles and has garnered a reputation of being able to reach a wide audience. Zapata has performed at the World’s Famous Laugh Factory, the Hollywood Improv and more. He also released his own comedy special back in 2014. Robert Zapata will perform live at Ontario Improv on Wednesday, April 12th at 8pm.

Alfred Robles’ comedian career started once he was kicked out of the police academy. After that, he hit the road and now no one is safe from his good-humored teasing. Robles was also featured on the Comedy Central show, “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution”. Catch Alfred Robles perform on Tuesday, April 11th at 8pm. Tickets for all performances can be purchased through

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Ontario, CA
Date posted: March 4, 2017